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The cryptocurrency world can’t get any better or easier with CryptAssist’s ecosystem platform! The CryptAssist platform is primarily designed to make Crypto transactions easier for all – the experts and the beginners alike. The company’s belief is solidly based on making everyone have access to using cryptocurrency, as part of everyday life. The way the platform is designed will allow for the availability of all crypto tools, that is, an all-in-one personalized platform that in turn saves time and additional effort required to use multiple Blockchain explores to search for transaction histories and other coins. Sounds so cool right? There is more, the varieties of services will send personalized notifications to users’ unique profile. This basically will allow users to monitor their Cypto investments easily. 

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Identifying and Solving the Crypto Problem

The cryptocurrency world although popular is becoming more and more difficult for crypto beginners. Even experts are striving to comprehend its complexity sometimes even though the daily use of cryptocurrency is on the rise and yet unusable. In view of this, CryptAssist aims to solve the complexity of and diversity in handling various cryptos on different platforms. CryptAssist’s platform will provide all the needed tools and CTA tokens plus 50 other top cryptocurrencies to easy transactions. What is more, the 50 cryptocurrencies is stocked all in a single debit card usable anywhere around the globe provided Visa and MasterCard is accepted. Another benefit of CryptAssist is eliminating the problem of scalability as seen in many other cryptos. 

How the Debit Card Works

The debit card is a problem-solving innovation that allows users to stock up to 50 cryptocurrencies. CryptAssist aims to increase the amount of cryptos to be stocked up in the debit card in the future but are starting with the initial of 50 different crypto plus CTA tokens. This debit card will be issued to individuals once the user applied for it. The sweet thing is that a user’s cryptocurrency gets converted into fiat currency that car be withdrawn from any Visa or MasterCard machine anywhere in the world.

CryptAssist ICO

Offering a one stop destination, CryptAssist offers huge investment opportunities to potential crypto investors and traders to join the ICO with mouth-watering bonus of 40 % off sale. The initial coin offering (ICO) will take place from June 28, 2018 to August 11th, 2018. CryptAssist plans to add CTA token to several exchanges once the ICO has ended, where the tokens can be purchased, sold and traded against other cryptocurrencies. Much so Cryptassist will also create its own fully licensed exchange.

The ICO details is as follows;

Name: CryptAssist

Token symbol: CTA

CryptAssist ICO Review: The all in one crypto solution

Language: English

Coins to be sold: 6.75 B CTA

CryptAssist price: $0.05

Maximum total supply: 10.2 B CTA

Minimum transaction fee: 0 to .001

Coins to be mined: 200 M CTA

CryptAssist Team

CryptAssist team are pure professionals, experienced and successful entrepreneurs and business moguls in various discipline. The CEO, Henri Oostebring has been in the crypto industry for as long as the inception of the cryptocurrencies. With his extensive background in this field, he aims to make the CryptoAssist platform a successful, robust and leading industry with global recognition and acceptability. Henri with some other capable members share similar vison. Get to know more about the team on the official website or the whitepaper

The Master Roadmap


The topmost objective of Cryptassist is to become the leading web and mobile based application platform that affords all users the ability to access all the necessary information needed to stay up to date with everything in the crypto world, assembled and accessible on all-in-one easy to use platform. Simplicity is just the key.

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