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Technology is getting crazier right? Possibly one of the jaw-opening projects to storm the Blockchain industry is the Qatari-invented delivery platform ready to “disrupt the economy of local deliveries” using the blockchain technology to deliver goods and services with the help of drones and droids.

Watch this Video of Geeba's drone prototype:

We know of divergent applications of drones and droids but definitely not for the purpose of delivering goods to customers’ doorsteps and with the most unlikely combination of the blockchain.

What prompted Geeba into action is to provide a lasting solution to the high cost, out-of-date technologies, inefficiency, unsustainable and resource-intensive delivery experienced in the present delivery industry. Being a decentralized ecosystem, Geeba opens its platform-wide to business operators to deliver parcels and goods through robots, autonomous vehicles, and smart hubs. Geeba aims to break the record of the highest number of deliveries to 5 million by the year 2022 with the aid of robots. Therefore, Geeba is introducing a disruptive evolution as ‘a new era to delivery services.’

An Insight into Geeba’s Blockchain Ecosystem and Autonomous Vehicles

The impact of blockchain technology is progressive in the present era of industrial revolution. Also, the delivery system is being challenged to meet up with the ever increasing demands from consumers that purchase goods online with a preferred home delivery option. And more challenging is the demand to deliver goods right on the day of purchase. For instance, in France, a statistics from Statista done in 2015 proved that over 80% of consumers prefer home deliveries. This statistics is closely related to consumer demands in other European countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, and the Netherlands with nearly 25% consumers preferring same day delivery even if it attracts extra pay.

In view of this and the likely expectation for an increase in the statistical value, Geeba will utilize the proficiency of the blockchain ecosystem to accelerate the flow of delivery in a more efficient and sustainable way. The blockchain technology will also eliminate lack of transparency, inconsistency and costly processes of goods supply.

In a most innovative fashion, Geeba will integrate autonomous vehicles into the blockchain ecosystem to produce a perfect combo. The ecosystem is built in a way that accommodates stability and sustainability for robust future use with drones, droids delivery goods within the community impeccably.

Geeba’s Practical Benefits to the Community

24/7 availability and flexibility

Timely and reliable tracking with smart notifications

Improved road safety for pedestrians and vehicles

Access to greener and cost effective last mile alternative

Reduced costs of local delivery

Increased Public Transport Efficiency

Reduced vehicles emissions and carbon pollution

Streamlined returns shipping process for retailers and customers

Geeba’s Token Economy

Geeba developed the Geeba token as a cryptocurrency payment method for delivery services and for community incentives. Also included is the Geeba Wallet that affords users the opportunity to create and preserve personal data and also can communicate with other parties. The wallet solution will serve as a smart contract agreement between both parties to verify proof for service delivery.

Geeba Launches its ICO

Geeba opens investment opportunities to early adopters to participate in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) with a whopping 35% bonus on Geeba tokens in the ongoing private sale that will end on August 12th, 2018.

The summary for token sale allocation is shown below;

Geeba’s RoadMap 

Geeba’s Team

Geeba prides itself with experts in their various fields of discipline to establish a formidable team that shares the same vision. For example, the CEO and one of the founders, Ahmed Mohamedali is a successive entrepreneur and a renowned Tech guru specialized in hardware development. Amr Abdelhady, the MD, is the one of the leading blockchain and crypto developer in Qatar with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and Management. Thirdly, Head of Engineering, Nebras Ozzo, is leading the company towards the production of Geeba’s autonomous prototype. Ozzo is a specialist in computer engineering and robotic design. The fourth founder is Ezz Eldien Ali, is known for his outstanding track record in one of the most successful e-commerce platforms, MENA. You can get more information on other team members in Geeba’s official website and whitepaper

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