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“Performance stands out like a ton of diamonds. Non-performance can always be explained away.” ― Harold S. Geneen

GLITZCOIN like diamond stands out to provide solution to the problem facing the diamond industry.

Known for purity, brilliance and sparkle, it is not an exaggeration to say that Diamond is the most popular gemstone among other known solid minerals. Diamonds are rare which of course makes it so special and priceless. The statistical data have shown that an estimated value of USD15 billion worth of rough diamonds are produced each year, of which approximately USD8.5 billion are from Africa (approximately 65%). Aside from the high value, diamonds have many industrial benefits and this have attracted diamond industries to spring up in recent years in order to oversee the affairs of diamond from mining to marketing. However, the diamond industry is faced with various problems especially in the sector of handling transactions with transparency. Evaluations in the diamond industry is mostly based on guesswork and misconceptions, which in turn has devalued trust between parties.

In a way of providing solution and transforming the diamond industry, GLITZKOIN seeks to diminish barriers, increase coordination, and instill trust in cross-border transactions for the diamond industry.

What Makes GLITZCOIN Special

Utilizing the best emerging technology such as decentralized marketing and Blockchain technology, smart contract and machine learning, GLITZCOIN aims to offer transparency by reducing the risk and fraud for banks, insurers and open market places in the diamond industries.

The vision of GLITZCOIN is to develop an open ecosystem based on the Blockchain technology that will scrutinize and coordinate all trade activities conducted via a decentralized platform ensuring fairness.

Benefits of GLITZCOIN Ecosystem

1.   There is reduction in the price of transactions conducted, eliminating commission and charges.

2.   It provides efficiency in transactions, eliminating errors that are common in paper-based transactions.

3.   Diamond dealers will experience improved market share as it will increase product visibility with the acceptance of cryptocurrency.

4.   Provides trust and will instill confidence among traders through its transparent way or processing transactions.

5.   Eliminates the interference from the middleman, hence provides a competitive market place.

Why You Can Trust GLITZCOIN

GLITZCOIN prides itself with team of professionals that are experts in the diamond industry (Full list of our teams in our official website: Also, combined are brainboxes that are well conversant in the field of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. We also invite stakeholders in the diamond industry which include the mining industries, certification authorities, retailers and customers. By involving these stakeholders in same circle, we intend to create a robust and efficient platform.

Privacy and Security

We value your privacy, and as a result we have configured the Blockchain platform specifically for the diamond industry. GLITZCOIN combines privacy, accessibility and security to create an enterprise-ready application. With zk-snarks encryption and bulletproofs, we ensure that all transaction data are kept completely safe and private.



 Initial Spark followed by Background Research

Development of Initial Concepts and Diamond Industry Outreach

Initial White Paper and Design Prototypes

Glitzkoin Project Scope, Token Use Case Design and Token Economics

Core Founding Team on Board

Company in Stealth Mode, Company Registered in Estonia

Project Deck and White Paper, Technical Architecture

Official Website Launch

Token Presale Launch

Launch of Public Token Sale

Conclusion of Token Sale and Distribution of Tokens

GlitzKoin Diamond Exchange Development

Start GlitzKoin Global Marketing Effort

GLT Token Listing on Crypto Exchanges

Beta Testing of Diamond Exchange Platform

Development of Global Diamond Track & Trace System

Decentralized Exchange Deployment

Global Diamond Track and Trace System Deployment

Bug Fixes and Enhancements to Deployed System

Adding more Features/tools to GlitzKoin Diamond Exchange

Continued Marketing to Increase GlitzKoin Awareness

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