MobileBridge Momentum Token – A Decentralized Platform to Bridge the Gap between Companies and Their Customers

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Consumers, who we can rightly refer to as customers of most companies do not see value in most marketing campaigns and loyalty programs. The reason? Marketing campaigns often results in spam and loyalty points often remain unused and soon expires. This is why MobileBridge comes into the stage to salvage this discouraging and unending trend. 

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What is MobileBridge?

MobileBridge is an existing company with proven technology. It is a marketing platform based on blockchain technology that will automatically reward all marketers directly without any intrusion. 

Companies can connect to MobileBridge platform and reward all their loyal, supportive customers with cryptocurrency tokens. This method of reward will securely eliminate spamming and expiry of point values. Rewarding customers will not only put smile on their face but will also build a fortified relationship with the company and friends. With this development, consumers can be motivated to get involved by buying and also promoting it to others thereby contributing to the growth of the company they buy from.

The MobileBridge Momentum Token and Its Use 

MobileBridge is designed in such a way that consumers can accumulate rewards in a single wallet and can make use of it whenever they deem fit. The token is Erc-20 complaint token that gives the consumers the power to decide what they use the token for such as exchanging it with other reward tokens or similar crypto tokens.

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MobileBridge Momentum Roadmap

The Team behind MobileBridge Momentum Token

Needful to mention that MobileBridge prides itself with experts in the field of marketing and digital products (learn more about the team of experts from ). The team of professionals have years of experience in blockchain technology and sales management. For instance, Kees de Vos, the CEO of MobileBridge, has enjoyed 15 successful years in digital solutions in retail and digital commerce, having worked with the likes of Wallmart, Tesco and Argos.

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Join the Revolution

MobileBridge invites you to be part of this huge transformational shift by joining in the presale of Momentum token. Join the whitelist and get more information about MobileBridge Momentum by clicking the links below:

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