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You probably would not believe it if you learned that the scientific publishing industry collects in more cash than the money mongers you are more conversant with such as Google, Amazon and Apple. However, if you love statistics, here is what will convince you! Just within the year 2015, a whopping sum of $25 billion was estimated to have been generated from the global market for Scientific, Technical and Medical (STM) publications. That is not all, the top 5 publishers account for about 50% to 70% of all publications, shooting their profit margins well above the likes of Google, Amazon and Apple.

Being first of its kind in history, Orvium.io aims at managing scholarly publications’ life cycles and the associated data using a blockchain decentralized platform, hence eradicating the hidden problem faced by scientific publications. It works to eliminate market inadequacies and improve the quality and effectiveness of scientific publishing. The ultimate objective is for Orvium to be the leading publication platform for the research community while returning the benefits of science to the society.

Benefits of Orvium

1.   Use of Decentralized Model

With this model, Orvium intends to expose the full potential of a decentralized market with fairness and transparency. The competitive market should be free of biases, oligopolies and all sorts of private interests.

2.   Eradicating delay in Publication

Scientific work is available from the moment it is submitted. Orvium establishes an independent, decentralized and immutable time-stamped proof of existence, authorship and ownership.

3.   Full lifecycle traceability

A public trace of all the action is kept in the blockchain: submission, revisions, accepted and rejected peer reviews, copyright and user license changes, etc.

4.   Authors select the license and own the copyright

Orvium produces custom-made licensing models by design. The model is always the author's own decision.

5.   Research Data and Process

Orvium empowers scientists to share their complete studies by making available research data, code, etc. This increases scientific validity.

6.   Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Orvium integrates Big Data Analytics with the blockchain. This unlocks valuable insights to improve scientific production.

7.   Decentralized Journals

Decentralized journals offer low maintenance, highly flexible, cost-effective and utterly autonomous way of handling and categorising scientific literature while providing an additional line of business for authors and editors.

8.   Collaborative Environment

Orvium provides a collaborative framework for any single process related to the manuscript life cycle.

9.   Involve Society in Scientific Evolution

Orvium invites the general public to redefine journals, to create challenges that increase scientific validity and to promote patronage campaigns in both the public and private sectors.


To fully maximize its potential for a decentralized platform, a new digital token called Orvium (ORV) is to be utilized. The token will serve a useful purpose across various phases of a scholars’ life cycle and associated data. Other purposes will include exchanges of the orvium token with actions such as manuscript submission, peer review, payments for copyright licenses, research data sharing, journal management, etc.

With zero doubt, this decentralized platform will open the way for a fair and transparent competitive market being controlled by the entire community. 



Orvium prides itself on a 24-man team of experts in various fields that are dedicated to seeing this project a success for the society and investors alike. You can get full information about them from our official website as it is indicated below.

For further information, please contact us;

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