Preparing for the R3 Corda Developer Certification

by slraja

After completing the Corda Developer Certification , I had few people from the Corda community asking for information about clearing the certification. Here is the path that i undertook to clear the R3 Corda Developer certification and i can highly recommend the same to others who would wish to take the exam : 

If you are completely new to blockchain, please familiarise with few of the blockchain basics. If you don't have much exposure about the working of Bitcoin and Ethereum, it would be at-least essential to understand few concepts like Blocks, Transactions, Consensus, UTXO, Smart contracts, Public key cryptography, Nodes, etc all in the context of Blockchain.

Please try to think through the need for public blockchains and other distributed ledger technology (DLTs) in private consortiums and other organisations. The use cases of permissioned blockchains (such as Corda or Hyperledger) in private consortiums is quite different from the dApps and other application developed on the public blockchains such such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. This thought process can really help you understand and reason the different concepts of Corda (such as Flows) as you go through them.

Go through the Corda key concepts here, there are nice videos on each of the pages to help you understand them faster. A clear and intuitive documentation is one of the highlights of Corda .

You can configure your local environment and setup and a running sample CorDApp by following the below pages. Believe me, it doesn't take more than an hour, it is super fast and easy to do this ..

Environment setup :

Sample CorDApp setup :

Attend a Corda bootcamp in person, if possible. It is a day long session where the R3 team helps you to understand the basics of Corda key concepts and also allow to do some hands on exercise. I had a good experience attending one. It encourages you to interact and ask questions.

If not possible, you can go through the bootcamp videos online on the below link. They are pretty good too, just that you will just miss the interactive part.

If you wish to go through detailed API documentation for coding, please go through the below key pages, a lot of questions on the examination are from these pages. However there are also other pages which have important information.

Register for the certification here and take the exam :

You will learn more by going through the different sections of the documentation as you take the certification, which is open book. However you would need to understand the concepts well in order to pass the exam and more importantly to apply them at your workplace.