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“The game market system is pretty unfair. Most of the money made goes to middlemen: app stores and social networks. We should not accept this as a status quo. We should constantly be on lookout for better solutions.”

Tim Sweeney, Founder of EPIC games


Tim Sweeney is just one out of the many online game stakeholders that have expressed their dissatisfaction about unfair treatment from in the game industry by the middlemen. In view of this, Ultra Token is developed and has become the newest gaming platform based on the blockchain technology to fill the huge gap existing in the gaming industry. Ultra token will intervene to bridge the gap by eliminating the excess money going to the middlemen such as the app stores owners, publishers and so on. Hence, the aim of Ultra token founders is to provide a free and fair ecosystem for online game distribution.

In order to achieve this, the platform will utilize cutting-edge technology that will liberate game developers and players from the unfair diversion of their gains to middlemen, hence putting power back to their hands. The use of blockchain technology will also offer special options with better and newer opportunities to app developers.


·        Monopoly - Game developers are ever more having a tough time to market their software outside of monopolized wall which results in large commission fees and loss of control over their own customers.

·        Discovery Failure – With increase in game catalog, gamers are having a harder time discovering the right kind of content.

·        Missed Opportunities - The relatively new phenomena of streamers and gaming influencers has created a new opportunity for game marketplaces to reward and pay users for their play time.


In summary;

·        Be More Fair to Developers - Developers will earn over 21% of their sales revenue.

·        Provide Effective Marketing Tools - Developers get access to a range of business and marketing tools.

·        Introduce New Revenue Streams - Developers and gamers will have access to a range of new revenue opportunities.

·        Establish a Rich Token Based Economy - Powering referral bonuses, digital goods, rewards programs and more.

·        Be Backed by Industry Companies - The team behind Ultra has a long history in the game industry and its high-end relationships network spans the globe.


·        Marketing Toolbox - Access to powerful marketing & promotional tools including an innovative influencer program.

·        Earn More - An additional +50% revenue share compared to the competition

·        Grow Your Community - Game specific clubs, forum, newsletter, chat and other tools built-in, as if you own the platform.

·        Build Better Games - Support from the community through financial incentives for beta tests, bug hunting, feedback, etc.

·        Game Porting Made Easy - Easily port games from platforms such as Steam, Xbox and PlayStation to Ultra with our universal SDK.

·        Get Paid Instantly - Instant sales payout instead of “up to 60 days” enables developers to quickly reinvest money in their game launch marketing.

·        New Revenue Streams - Earn money through in-game advertising, secondhand sales, item-trading and referrals.


·        Play Immediately - Play games within a few minutes of purchase using our progressive software downloading technology.

·        Earn Money - Earn Ultra Coins by participating in beta tests, watching ads, curating games and more activities.

·        Open Platform - Access third party game services such as tournaments, item-trading, and more directly within Ultra.

·        Get Exclusive Games - Play exclusive AAA content only available on Ultra.

·        Be Part of a Community - Experience an innovative and rewarding open community

·        Resell Your Games - Purchase and resell secondhand digital games

·        Bring Your Friends - Earn Ultra Coins through our three level referral program.


As mentioned above, Ultra platform will benefit not only the game developers, but also the players and influencers.

    As a developer, you will be provided with the opportunity to expand and grow your community by using the in-built tool that will aid community management such as forums and group chats and even newsletters. And most interestingly, as a developer, you can make additional income as ultra platform will double you income generation in contrast to other platforms.

    As a player, you can make extra money as there will be an opportunity to access game items where you can trade directly from the platform. In order to earn money, you can take part in the studies, watch ads and may also curate games to earn followers and likes.

    There is provision to resell games on the platform. Being a member of the community will offer exclusive access to AAA games made available on the platform only. Also once you download the company software, you can play games minutes after buying.

    Payments will be done instantly. For developers, this will encourage them to concentrate on creating better games on time. Through the community, developers will get beta testing done through the Ultra token for games and members of the community can also detect bugs for better output.

    Ultra provides a universal SDK interface that will enable you to easily port games from other platforms such as Xbox, Playstation and Steam. Money can also be earned through advertisement. This means that ultra will ensure more visibility or discoverability of your game instead of being hidden on Steam and you can therefore utilize the marketing tools effectively.

    Interestingly too, game influencers can tap into this opportunity as Ultra provides a referral system where more money can be made by simply purchasing contents and refereeing others.


1. The First Full-Featured Alternative Game Publishing Platform

Ultra is the first platform able to truly compete with Steam by offering feature parity. For the first time, any game published on Steam can be ported with minimal effort and no compromises.

2. Better Developer Marketing Tools

Ultra is designed from the ground up to offer efficient marketing tools to promote games in today’s crowded marketplace. Ultra comes with a deeply integrated ads toolbox that offers new marketing opportunities tailored for developers. Combined with a modern crowdsourcing approach made possible by our blockchain technology, we achieve a true win-win-win situation.

3. Transparent Business Practices

Our trustless business environment is based on blockchain technology and guarantees impossible sales report tampering. Developers don’t have to trust platforms owners anymore, our decentralized blockchain network protects them against fraud. Collaborations between developers and publishers will also benefit from Ultra’s various advanced trustless features.

4. Quicker Payouts

Today’s publishing platforms typically pay out to developers anywhere between 30 to 60 days after sales. Ultra will offer instant sales payouts. This also allows developers to driving sales momentum at launch by reinvesting in marketing campaigns directly from sales — in real-time.

5. Developer-Friendly Practices

Ultra offers developers a larger revenue-share, enhanced data analytics and enables them to have a direct relationship with their gamers.


1.   The High Rise of Digitally Distributed Pc Game

Ultra token team developers acknowledge the ever increasing game market, and sought to tap into this opportunity to provide an encouraging and fair platform for all and sundry. For instance, there were more games released on Steam in 2016 than all the games released from 2006 to 2014 combined. Also, there are more developers now flocking the game industry but with is negative influence as this as resulted into developers spending huge amounts on advertising just to stay relevant.

2.   The Rise in Population of Gamers

There are over two billion persons that play video games in at least one month, with a ratio of one out of every three population worldwide. The average profile of a PC gamer is a 35-year-old who has been playing for 13 years and has strong purchasing power.


By using Ultra, players can enjoy their newly bought game before having completed their download. Missing data continues to be downloaded while players are playing.

The technology has been licensed to major companies such as Bethesda, Adobe, Riot, Zenimax, 343 Industries, Bandai Namco and has already successfully delivered hundreds of millions of game downloads.

Key Data Streaming Features

● Automatic game updates

● Automatic error recovery

● Last mile acceleration

● Redundant delivery network

● Multi-platform

● Download permission management


Already battle tested, our technology currently serves 33 billion daily ads. This technology combined with our extensive industry experience enables marketing tools that efficiently promote games, differentiating Ultra from other platforms.

Developers and advertisers can bring an end to non-optimal “spray and pray” advertising methods.

1.   Ultra ADS has 3 Main Objectives

a.  Enable content publishers to promote their products more efficiently.

b.  Empower developers to instantly run new ads using Ultra Coins earned from sales.

c.   Allow users to effortlessly earn Ultra Coins by opting into the Ultra Ads revenue share program.

2.   Opt-in Ad Revenue Share Program

Our opt-in system allows users to authorize ads and receive rev share. This revenue is automatically deposited in their Ultra coin wallet.

Every user has the option to either accept or refuse advertisements in Ultra

Ads are displayed in several areas:

● Before launch of game

● After a game is closed

● In-browser notifications

● When the mobile app ‘Ultra Go’ is launched.


Ultra Go is our platform companion app. It provides convenient features for mobile users on the go, adds new sources of income for players and continuously engages our users to increase retention.


● Text and Voice Chat

● Cryptocurrency Wallet

● P2P Payments

● Popular Content/News

● Buy and remotely start downloading on PC

● More to be announced in our official website


All purchases of games, virtual items and services on Ultra Games operate through smart contracts which require Ultra Coins, also called UTA Tokens.

All features on Ultra such as our loyalty programs, beta testing, bug reporting, trade of digital goods, advertisements, etc. work exclusively with UTA Tokens.

To get started, users will be required to acquire coins from other users or through our fully transparent credit card and payment gateway solutions.


Game Development and Acquisition War Chest

A total of 5% of all Ultra’s game sales profits will go to Ultra’s “Game Development and Acquisition War Chest.” These coins will stay frozen in a smart contract for a period of at least 2 years.

Unfrozen War Chest coins will be used to acquire new exclusive games and services for Ultra, bringing even more players to our platform, generating more profits, redistributing more coins and consequently increasing the amount of Ultra Coins in the War Chest at each cycle.

While this process, in essence, burns away part of our short-term profit, it ultimately guarantees the healthy growth of both the user base and exclusive games. Coins are released to game studios when they reach their development milestones.


Watch the video: https://youtu.be/gfYEtJK1i-E

·        The executive Team

Ultra’s executive team is largely made of experienced video game industry experts, successful entrepreneurs and influential IT investors with an impressive track record in both Asia and the West.

·        The Advisory Board

We are honored and very grateful to get the support of these influential board advisors who constantly provide us priceless introductions and insights in areas we consider strategic for Ultra.

·        The Workforce

Aside from the executive team and the board of advisories, ultra also collaborated with over 30 full time workers plus other 5 industry advisors. The combination of experts is to ensure a sustainable platform that will efficiently and effectively propagate out vison.

N. B – A full profile list of team members is accessible in the official website on https://ultra.io. The notable members however, include, David Hanson (co-CEO), Nicolas Gilot (co-CEO), Mike Dunn (CTO), John Goodale (CPO), Julien Marron (CFO), Chris Saad (acting head of product) among others.


For further information about us, please us the links below;

Official Website: https://ultra.io/

Whitepaper: https://ultra.io/whitepaper

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ultra_io

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ultra-441139419649279

Telegram: https://t.me/ultra_io

Article is written and published by: Petrosnoah

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